Cars Lightning McQueen birthday party

Last weekend we hosted little S’s 3rd birthday party! and of course it had to be a Cars Lightning McQueen themed birthday party!

As usual I took over the party decor and food, with the hubs (and his mom who was here visiting) helped me with all the party related stuff. I thought the party was a success, mostly because the kids were so happy and had so much fun! and also because the food was very good and the house looked so pretty!

So here are some pics from the party.

The first set of pics are party decorations stuff I did to make our home look extra special for little S.

tissue paper pompoms

I always make tissue paper pom poms if I’m hosting a party!

party decor

more party decor

food table and decor

Here is a pic of the food table and the paper chains I did for the party

The next set of pics are related to the food we served at the party. I think food is very important when you are hosting a party, people always remember the food!!!

a tray of veggie cups

a tray of veggie cups

veggie cups with ranch salad dressing

veggie cups with ranch salad dressing

veggie cups

more of the veggie cups

I wanted to serve food for the kids, so veggies, fruit and sandwiches were the first thing I thought about when I started planning the menu.

fruit skewers

fruit skewers

fruit skewers and sandwiches

fruit skewers and sandwiches

kids party sandwiches

These sandwiches are almost always served at little kids parties in Mexico, they are so easy to prepare and they were a success with the kids and the adults. 

The way you present the food to your guests is also VERY important… food has to look nice so people want to eat it!! Here is a pic of the food table (or as I like to call it, the party’s main attraction!)

food table setting

I loved the way everything turned out, the food was very yummy and the way we presented it was very nice!

Of course the MOST important thing in a party is the cake – or in this case the cupcakes!!!

carrot cake cupcakes for the birthday boy

carrot cake cupcakes for the birthday boy

carrot cake cupcakes

We also had cake pops and an Oreo (yes, like the cookies!) layered dessert that is a very traditional recipe from my husbands part of the family.

What do you think? did you like how everything turned out? I know the birthday boy loved it!!!

Have an awesome week people!!!





{ I’m thinking I might work on putting together some party decor tutorials and how-to’s and I also want to post my famous carrot cake recipe… so bear with me because we are actually working right now on some changes for the blog… so it might take a bit for me to post all these stuff I want to share with you!!!}

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  1. Zyan
    April 8, 2014 at 9:20 pm #

    Padrísimo todo!!! :) y se ve delicioso también… Felicidades!

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